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Finding Joy and Technique in the Open Air: A Watercolor En Plein Air Adventure

Today's "easy like Sunday morning" reflection was a mixture of art and adventure, golfers and gapers, WIAOTT AND watercolor. Yes, today was the al fresco session down at the St Madeline Golf Club where a big golfing tournament was taking place.

Artists painting a tree by a lake while people look on
Artists and Onlookers

For myself, I admit to being at the bottom of the rung where watercolor art is concerned. As an acrylic artist, watercolor is a strange bedfellow. I am not in denial, I suck at it.



Elsa Clarke.  Our plein aire lecturer was an engaging and uplifting teacher of the medium and she came prepared with samples for our enlightenment. I thereafter went with 'bon courage' to my pre-stretched sheet.

The end product is not gallery-worthy, but key to today's instruction is a deeper and honest understanding of why my technique is weak and, like all else, mastery takes time and practice. I said all of that, a bit defensively lol because I am showing my morning's output in the montage below. Beyond that, the assembling of artists is always a happy occasion and artist camaraderie opens a window to a different type of peer appreciation. 

Last but definitely not least, our president Michelle is always to be applauded for what to me seems stress-free organization and cool-headedness. Thanks Michelle. Thanks to the driver for the safe journey. We had good , cool weather too, with some Sahara Dustiness that controlled the colours of the landscape. 

So quite simply, if you have never done it, try "en plein aire" at least once. It's really enjoyable. Cheers!

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