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to enjoy painting ‘En plein air’, Art Workshops, Retreats & Annual Art Exhibitions. All guaranteed to satisfy your artistic hunger.

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How do I become a member of the Women in Art?

Sign Up, complete our Membership Application form, and if applicable, make your payment.

What is the annual membership fee?

Individual Member (18yrs and over) $350 TT/yr) 

Associate Member - Spouse (Spouse of Individual Member) -$200 TT/yr

Associate Member - Student (Male or female 12 to 17 years) -$100 TT/yr

Student - (Male or female 12 to 17 years) - Free

I’m a student artist under eighteen (18) can I participate the organization’s activities?

Yes, we welcome student artists both male and female 12-17.

I’m a male artist over eighteen (18), can I still be in the organisation?

While we run workshops and school competitions for boys and girls, the organization is exclusively for women and registration forms for male artists eighteen (18) and over will not be accepted.

How often should I renew my membership fees?

The financial year runs from 1st July to 30th June. All membership renewals become due on 30th June.

The Annual renewal fee is $200 and becomes due on the 30th June.

When a Member joins the Organisation in the last Quarter, 1st April to 30th June the renewal Fee is pro-rated i.e. $30 per month or part thereof.

If I am not exhibiting do I still pay my membership fees?

Yes, it is important that members remain financial and membership fees are due annually on or before June 30th of the year of exhibition.

If I do not renew my membership am I still a member?

You will be considered a non-financial member and will no longer enjoy the benefits of membership until renewal dues are paid. Any artist information on the organisation’s website e.g artwork, pictures, bio etc. will be archived until membership is paid.

Do you only accept artists who paint?

No, the organization accepts artists who work in a variety of media including paint, pastel, graphite, coloured pencil, ceramics/clay, textiles, precious metals, photography, digital media and craft.

What are the benefits of joining the group?

By becoming a member you will enjoy the following:

  • Workshops for CXC students run by dedicated and experienced art teachers

  • Workshops for aspiring and established artists in various art techniques and skills such as painting, figure drawing marketing and digital presence etc.

  • The chance to display your art at venues in both Trinidad and Tobago

  • Sharing your interest in art with others of like mind and passion through art seminars, weekend retreats, en plein air sessions etc.

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