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A True Caribbean Artist...ANTONIO BUTTS

Hi Everyone. On Saturday June 17th, I popped by Arnim's P.O.S to catch the last of Antonio Butts' exhibition My Caribbbeaness. It was my second visit as I did not have a chance to chat with him at the launch.

His work is a mesmerizing celebration of the First Peoples of the Caribbean. Each piece is adorned with markings reminiscent of tribal markings. According to the artist, these marks were applied instinctively and signify the spiritual energy flowing through the subjects

Most of the two dimensional work was done using a combination of wood burning, paint and collage. There is a spiritual dimension to all of the artwork especially the piece entitled Mystical, depicting the confluence of male and female energies.

In every piece, Antonio also demonstrates a deep understanding of the visual and psychological aspects of colour. My other top picks are Mystical Blue and Sacred Geometry of the Panman. In both these pieces, the Principles of CONTRAST and Variety are at play.

There is so much to be processed in each Antonio's pieces.....too much for just one gallery hop....from the wood burning techniques to his skilfull juxtaposition of colour temperatures. Check out his Flip Book.

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