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Wealth and Happiness, A Perfect Match

I am continuously reminded of the context created by exhibition spaces for the artist. Sometimes this syngery is by design….at others it is serendipitous and at Joy Luk Pat’s premiere solo exhibition, I am not sure which of these prevailed. The stark contrast of Arnim’s Galleria, full of light and laughter at the launch of Joy’s Wealth and Happiness, against the harsh reality of the Lapeyrouse cemetery across the way. In the daytime, this juxtaposition forces viewers to avert their gaze to behold behold the beauty on the gallery walls.

In her artist statement, Luk Pat describes her art as a celebration of “the abundance we already have around us and within us” , immediately connecting to our collective national consciousness with her hummingbird pieces. As some of you might know, the Amerindians called Trinidad, Ierie, “land of the hummingbird “and it is home to at least 18 species of this bejewelled beauty.

Two other nature motifs favoured by the artist are trees and the dragonfly. Traditionally trees represent life,fertility,wealth and abundance while dragonflies, which molt several times in their lives, symbolize transformation.

As a contemporary mixed media artist, Joy, who works instinctively with a variety of substrates, glue and metallic paint has demonstrated resourcefulness and creativity in her practice, a nod to the environmentally conscious collector.

In her signature piece, Wealth and Happiness, a vibrant depiction of Chinese lanterns floating through the air, Luk Pat pays homage to her ancestral heritage. The repetition of the lantern shapes, coupled with the warm colours ,offset here and there by cool violet and green, aptly convey the central theme.

If you seek inspiration and upliftment visit Art Galleria Ltd and perhaps take home a piece of Wealth And Happiness by Joy Luk Pat

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