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Un-Common Ground

Among the things that bind are those universal themes that affect most humans... the weather, love, death, things we share in common... like the air we breathe. But sometimes a few of us are conjoined by those rare experiences that are ground-breaking for those who manage to push through the clouds to where the air is rare. And in watershed moments like these, we as onlookers can celebrate because a new avenue has been created for us.

Yellow Butterfly Studio, Tobago
Yellow Butterfly Studio, Tobago

Such a pathway has been created by Vidya Birkhoff, with the opening of her art gallery Yellow Butterfly Studios, in the heart of Scarborough, Tobago.

The gallery opens with the launch of her premiere solo exhibition, Transitions, on February 10th, at the height of the Carnival season, an exciting time for an exhibition and a change of pace for those looking for an alternative to the pulsating crowds at carnival fetes.

Apart from the launch of her exhibition, the gallery itself provides a prime locale for artists to properly showcase their work at one of the main hubs in Tobago, with ease of access to pedestrian traffic. The Yellow Butterfly Studios will also be a treasure trove for patrons and art lovers visiting the island for it is through its art that the culture of a people is revealed.

An added feature of the gallery. is access to artist quality materials and framing, hitherto non- existent on the island. This service would provide much needed relief as well as opportunities from which students as well as professionals within the industry may benefit. It would alleviate also, the stress and expense of having to purchase return airfare/ boat tickets to shop for art materials or to frame artwork in Trinidad.

The establishment of this art gallery in a prime location in Tobago by a woman artist from Trinidad, is no small feat, as those familiar with the peculiar politics on the island shall attest. Indeed, it is uncommon... thus we are bound to say with resounding applause, "Congratulations Vidya Birkhoff!"

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