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"Signs" of Hope - an Art Exhibition

The world has faced grueling challenges over the past few years due to the life-threatening events that have besieged humanity…. Artists in particular have had to dig deep, as resourceful creatives often do, in order to endure, even in the face of iconic works of art being destroyed due to global conflicts like the war in Ukraine.

In these tumultuous times we have seen first-hand how humans globally have reached out to artists for a lifeline of support, enjoyment, motivation, and enlightenment.

Through our artwork we can bring unity to our beautiful twin island state and to the rest of the world. We can express the cascading emotions of the voiceless and the invisible. We can enlighten minds made numb by apathy and cynicism. To the despondent and the fearful we can be Signs of Hope.

Michelle Tappin-Davis

Vice President, WIAOTT

We’ve been fortunate to have had the pleasure of exhibiting at the prestigious Rotunda Gallery, located at the House of Parliament in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Now – we’re taking this show on the road… - (or on the boat), over to Tobago at the breath-taking Kimme Museum.

Greeting you at the entrance is a towering, dancing, Tobagonian couple.

Luise Kimme Museum - Photo Credit - Kathy Farabi

Kimme Dr, Bethel, Mt. Irvine, Tobago

The Kimme Museum is an artist’s dream - a dream manifested by artist and sculptor, Luise Kimme who arrived in Tobago in 1979. She created a magical space, overlooking Mt Irvine Bay where her greatest works were inspired - bronze and wooden sculptures of men, women and children of Tobago.

Sculpture by Luise Kimme

Photo Credit - Vidya Birkhoff

Luise Kimme left us a part of her legacy to enjoy. It’s the kind of legacy we as artists dream of leaving behind and we are so privileged and incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

Inside the Kimme Museum

Photo Credit - Vidya Birkhoff

The Exhibition will open to the public from Wednesday, October 19 to Friday, October 28. Museum hours are from 11:am to 4:pm, Monday to Saturday and there will be planned activities including “Sip and Create” with Askala George and a “Stained Glass Demonstration” with Stephanie Pile.

We look forward to seeing you as we share this magical space with fellow Tobago female artists. We hope, as artists, we can extend signs of hope, joy, camaraderie, motivation, and enlightenment.

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