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Glenn Roopchand, Artist Extraordinaire

Artist, Glenn Roopchand Photo by Angelo Marcelle
Artist, Glenn Roopchand Photo by Angelo Marcelle

Today our artist community received the sad news that Glenn Roopchand, Trinidadian Artist, has died. To those who did not know that he was ailing, the news seemed sudden. Some of the younger artists and most laymen had never even heard of him as Mr Roopchand lived and worked in New York. As was his custom, he returned to Trinidad for one of his brief visits , but unfortunately had fallen ill, his body ultimately succumbing to the angel of death.

When I heard the news I immediately felt the loss for myself, the artist community and our Nation as a whole. It seems odd as I had never met him face to face, but that is precisely the reason! You see, to view the work of this prolific artist is to know him. Jesus Christ famously said " By their fruits, you shall know them (Matthew 7:15-20). I can say with authority, that Glenn, though he had migrated to New York, most likely out of necessity, was a patriotic son of the soil who carried his cultural heritage with pride in his heart and poured it out with great love onto his canvas.

I feel cheated and saddened by the circumstances that led to his untimely passing because I cannot now ask him about the way he did this or that, his trade secrets are gone with him.

Notwithstanding, Glenn Roopchand has left us with his works as a Testament to the Power of Art to awe and to inspire! I am completely blown away by this Maestro and am deeply grateful to him for having shared his life and his gift with us. Thank you Mr Glenn Roopchand, Artist Extraordinaire.

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