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To develop the skills and promote the work of women artists in Trinidad and Tobago through annual group exhibitions of its members’ works, annual retreats, workshops, en plein air sessions and affiliations with other art groups locally and internationally, through social media, cultural exchanges and other means.

To foster the pursuit of careers within the art industry among secondary school students,  throughout Trinidad and Tobago by means of The Women In Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago Biennial Art Competition and Exhibition For Fifth and Sixth Form Students, mentorship, workshops and apprenticeships.


On the 20th July, 1996, Mrs. Fraulein Rudder formed The Women In Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago with just twenty members.

Among these pioneers are Former First Lady, Mrs Zalayhar Hassanali, Hetty De Gannes, Valerie Belgrave, Karen Sylvester, Lisa O’Connor, Maryse Rostant, Gillian Bishop and Sarah Beckett.

The organisation now boasts an increasing number of over one hundred and twenty members, comprised of art teachers, professionals, amateurs and aspiring artists in Trinidad and Tobago, with women artists from other Caribbean islands indicating their desire to join and participate in the Women in Art Organisation’s grand, annual exhibition.

As another initiative Mrs Rudder, once a teacher, partnered with the Ministry of Education to introduce The WIAOTT Biennial Art Competition and Exhibition among Fifth and Sixth Form Students in Trinidad and Tobago. This has wide participation from many schools which produces notably creative and excellent work. To this day, the WIAOTT has continued to be pioneers in the local art industry.


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Working towards the advancement of female artists, to promote, celebrate and inspire art and culture both regionally and internationally.

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Be committed to the collective vision and mission • Be charitable to those in need

• Aspire towards excellence in their artistic expression.

• Demonstrate respect for themselves and for one another.